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Peloche Beach

Along the Guadiana River, as it passes through Pelocho, we have a recreational area were plenty of activities can be enjoyed along the riverside.

Harnessing the potential of this riverside recreation area is one of our most important focuses.

Warm and clean water, and a beach for everyone’s enjoyment.

There are two swimming areas by the reservoir: one with a sandy beach and another paved one.

In addition to this recreation era, there are breathtaking views to be enjoyed: the cliff-topped peaks like the Paredón (707m), El Rincón (710m) and Paniagua (708m).

Some of them feature prehistoric paintings, Celtic settlements, and pre-roman routes.

Paved shore

Plenty of room for (16,441m2) for hundreds of people.

In order to protect the parking area by the reservoir’s bank, due to its steep slope, a rustic wooden fence has been put into place.

An inviting space for everyone to come and relax by the refreshing water.

Sandy Beach

There are 10,374m2 of washed sand beach with a depth measure 0.3 meters. There’s also a 1,042m2 parking lot.

Besides this, there is a grove of shady trees to make for a pleasurable visit.

To top it off, there is a play area with goals, nets, and fields


We have two 12m long and 2.4m wide aluminum jetties with poliwood flooring, one for each beach.

The jetties can be accessed by a 3x2m ramp that can be moved according to the water level.

There is an increasing number of small to medium fishing and recreational boats that make use of them.

Reservoir Promenade

It is 552m long and has an arboretum of 200 ornamental trees.

An ideal place for a walk in the early hours of the morning or late evening hours in the summer, and at any time during the rest of the year.

Well-lit for pleasurable night walks and equipped with benches that provide rest if needed.


On the edge of the Paved Beach there is a kiosk, “El Espolón”, open in the spring and summer.

Amongst a wide range of menu items, visitors can enjoy a typical dish from Peloche: the “escarapuche”, a salad with cold cuts.

It can be found on an outcrop with fantastic views of the area.

Picnic Area

Adjacent to the concrete beach there is a picnic area with wooden benches and tables.

There are also barbeques to grill fish or meat and dine after a refreshing swim in the Guadiana.


The kids also can enjoy their own space with swings and slides.

Located at the entrance of the sand and concrete beaches.

They are fully equipped with benches, lighting, trash bins, and abundant trees.