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As the mayor of Herrera del Duque, I want to welcome all the visitors that have reached us through our website. I’m sure you will find we are an open, progressive town with a thrilling future.

Everyone is welcome at the Town Hall

The Herrera del Duque town council has taken on the development of a helpful, user-friendly, and attractive website. Our goal is not only to provide our younger residents with an efficient and dynamic tool, but also to cater to our senior citizens and introduce them to the digital world.

We all know that the town hall is home to everybody. And, with this website, we are building upon that conviction by establishing a direct means of communication, committing to the engagement and participation of our residents, and, of course, providing an unparalleled broadcasting tool.

We welcome you to our town

Herrera’s locals are renowned for their friendly, warm, and welcoming spirit towards visitors. As a final note, I would like to extend my warmest invitation to visit us and get to know us or just learn more about life in a town with plenty to offer, whose its main asset is its people.

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