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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

We inform you that cookies may be used while browsing the pages of this Website. You accept and authorize the use of cookies following the terms established in our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, created by the website visited, which contain data. They are stored on the visitor’s computer/smartphone/tablet to give the user access to various functions. For further information, see the following link on Wikipedia.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are solely used to store user preferences (language, country, log in, browser features, information about the use of our website, etc.).

By storing your preferences, we will know the type of device you are using and be able to provide an optimal browsing experience. Cookies allow our website to recognize the user’s browser following previous visits, customize home pages, identify the sections that have been visited or remember any selection made in a “shopping cart”.

They can also be used to gather information about website traffic and the number of visitors.
Generally, websites use cookies to gather statistical information about their web pages.
Please take into account that the information we gather about your use of our website as statistical in nature and anonymous.

Types and Purposes of Cookies

Below, you will find a list with the types of cookies used on our Website and a brief summary of their purpose. Rest assured that none of them will store any personal information about you. Some cookies customize your visit, others remember your preferences and some just store statistics about visitors.

CookiesInformation (*)Purpose
Strictly essentialSession, registry, browsingRegistry management, guaranteeing server resources for browsing.
THIRD PARTY COOKIES (the information below has been provided by those third-parties)
AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsNumber of visits, page hits, browsing time, websites visited before this page, details about the browsers used.Statistical reports on website traffic, total audience, and audience for a specific advertising campaign.
StatcounterNumber of visits, page hits, browsing time, websites visited before this page, details about the browsers used.Statistical reports on website traffic.

Social Cookies

Social mediaJetpack share-thisLinks created to connect to social profiles.It allows the sharing of this site’s contents on social media by using a single link.

((*) The information gathered through these cookies does not allow user identification.

Protection Safeguards

Users can set their browsers to accept or reject the cookies they receive or to enable a notification each time a server wants to save a cookie or else delete them. You can find the instructions in your browser’s security settings.

• If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, under the menu option Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Settings.
• If you use Firefox, under the menu option Tools > Options > Privacy > Settings.
• If you use Google Chrome, in the menu option Settings > Privacy
• If you use Safari, under the menu option Preferences > Security

You can use the “Help” section found in the toolbar of most browsers to change the settings on your device. Some of the features of our online services, however, may be disabled or hampered if you reject all cookies.

Many browsers have the option of a private mode, whereby the cookies are always deleted following your visits. Depending on the browser, this private mode has different names. Below, you will find a list of the most common browsers and their respective names for said “private mode”:

– Internet Explorer 8 and above: InPrivate

– FireFox 3.5 and above: Private browsing

– Google Chrome 10 and above: Incognito

– Safari 2 and above: Private browsing

– Opera 10.5 and above: Private browsing

Please read carefully the help section of your browser to learn more about the activation of the “private mode”. You will still be able to visit our Website in spite of your browser using a “private mode”, but the user experience may not be optimal and some features may be disabled.